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Cantabile d'Eymet is a vibrant place to be!  The May 2024 Feel the Spirit concerts gave our audiences a great opportunity to hear no fewer than nine soloists from the choir.  Our warmest thanks to Nick Heaton, Photographer.    

Joshua fought the battle of Jerich

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho

FTS 28 choir soloists

Soloists from the choir at Feel the Spirit

FTS 20 Hetty

Deep River

FTS 4 Will

Will Inscoe choir accompanist and jazz solist

FTS 21 Victoria

Dido's Lament

FTS 6 Donna

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

FTS 27 Cathy and choir


FTS 12 Judith choir


FTS 15 Janet

I got a robe

FTS 8 Tessa

Steal Away

FTS 5 Peps et Giles


FTS 7 Jane

Every time I feel the spirit

FTS 2 choir

Cantabile d'Eymet

The Humming Chorus

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